Boss DS-1 Truck Edition®

I'm sure most of you have ever owned the conventional distortion pedal Boss DS-1 Distortion.

It is orange, has classic chrome-top knobs which are triangular placed... You know it from miles away!

Let's improve it by sound & visual!

Project is called: Boss DS-1 Truck Edition®

For the tone you can apply Robert Keeley's Seeing Eye ve Ultra Mod. (I would...)

For visuals;
  • Your truck needs wheels. Just place your TONE & DIST knobs on the sides of the enclosure. There's enough space for this. Choose the same type knobs but with a bigger diameter.
  • You need headlights and flasher. Seeing Eye & Ultra mod's clipping LED's give your flasher. Place them on the front side.
  • Your SEM & Ultra switch is gear shift!
  • LEVEL knob will be the steering wheel. Just replace it what you find!
  • You need floor cover! Just cover the battery cap (the pedal) with non-slip aluminium plate.
  • Last thing is your interior light. It's of course your violet bypass LED. Sure it's redneck's choice...
Let me see your gear!

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