Mosfet Booster

This is a "clean booster" pedal. It boosts the input signal without clipping. It's really handy when you want to take your signal one step front. Don't forget that it's true bypass, so it's there or not. :) I used a heavy duty 3PDT switch to use LED.

Main diagram can be found at General Guitar Gadgets ( Also thanks to AMZ!

It is realy easy to build, cause there's a small PCB, less components than common pedals, just a potentiometer and a switch.

The box was slightly etched with a special etchant. That's a %100 hand job. Don't miss that there's no masking with any material. You can think it as drawing... ;)

Before the etching, I had sanded the box. Sand papers were 280, 320, 500 and 1000c. You can use 1500 or 2000c for more glossy look. Sanding is a real dirt job, while sandi
ng your hands are seen as charcoal!

Lastly photos of this girl;

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